My Top 10 Michigan Beers

1) Wizard Burial Ground              2) Kentucky Breakfast Stout        3) Black Note                               4) No Rules                                   5) Big Doedish                                6) Boxer                                        7) BBA Sweet Potato Souffle' Rye  8) Gnomas                                      9) BBA Flying Buffalo w/ G.L.C.   10) BBA Plead the Fifth


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Whether you’re heading north from Grand Rapids. Fleeing the hustle of Detroit. Leaving Traverse City for an even more north adventure. There’s nothing like the feeling of crossing the Mighty Mac!

On the clearest of days, you may catch a distance glimpse of the Grand Hotel. On those overcast, windy days your knuckles have never been so white. Just that slight gust has your car being pushed in a direction you don’t think it should go. On many occasions your significant other is ducked down in the back seat with the feeling of anxiety pumping thru their veins.

Ahhhhh, you made it. Toll is paid and instantly you feel you’ve entered the 51st State. All your worries and troubles are waiting for you back in Mackinaw City. Nothing ahead of you but miles on your car, new breweries, and nature like you’ve never seen before.

This trip will first take you westward. Although if you started eastbound and did everything in reverse there’s nothing wrong with that!

88 miles west on US 2 is our first stop. Mackinaw Trail Winery & Brewery Manistique, MI. The owners Ralph & Laurie opened this location in the summer of 2014. Along with award winning wines, they have 14 rotating taps. If you like a little heat in your beer the Veronica Vaughn Habanero Saison is the beer for you. Also loved their Molasses Bourbon Stout. The brewery is located directly on the harbor with great views. Enjoy live music outside while sipping some great Michigan beer and wine.


It would be a crime if you drove thru Manistique and didn’t drive the twelve miles north to Kitch-iti-kipi, or The Big Spring. At Palms Book State Park you pull yourself across the bubbling springs on a wooden raft with an opening in the bottom. Gazing 40 feet down into a world of emerald colored water, petrified tree trunks, and trout like you’ve never seen before. Add this to the list of another hidden U.P. treasure.

Back on the road for an hour east to Escanaba, MI. The town experienced a boom in the early 1900’s. If it were 1914 you could plan on getting a room and stay the night at the Delta Hotel. Rooms which were for rent before, now are apartments sitting above a brewery. Hereford & Hops Restaurant and Brewpub, is located in the lobby of the Delta. If you were wondering, the brewery name comes from a breed of cattle. Usually seven beers on tap including the Light Haus Lager, St. Edmunds Porter and Redemption IPA. You can drink them with a steak you grilled yourself. That’s right, prepare your own steak around the indoor charcoal grill. If you see the manager ask for a quick peek downstairs. Once used as a Speakeasy below the Delta Hotel, CJ’s Lounge can be rented out for private parties. I describe it as walking into a time machine. A room that hasn’t been touched since it opened. Small booths, tables for two, and the original bar. Something out of an old gangster movie.

Lucky for us the next brewery along the long and winding road is only 4 miles away. Escanaba also has Upper Hand Brewery. Here you’ll feel like a true Yooper. With beer names like Deer Camp Lager, 906 Red Ale, and Escanaba Black Beer Dark Ale, you know where you’re at. The brewery has a definite log cabin feeling inside. Upper Hand is a sister company of Bell’s out of Kalamazoo. Brewed and bottled on site, grab a 6 pack to take home or to Deer Camp!

A short fifty-five mile drive south along the western edge of Lake Michigan will take you to Three Bridge Brewing Co. The newest of all the Upper Peninsula breweries. Being able to talk with many different brewers and brewery owners in my travels across Michigan, I’ve found each come with a different story on how they ended up making beer for a living. At Three Bridge it was no different and I found it to be a very unique story. Kris, the owner and brew-master was on his way to a PHD in Neuroscience. After getting fed up with big pharma and the direction it was taking him, Kris changed course and followed his other passion. Thankfully for all us craft beer lovers he did so. His Golden Stein Bavarian Lager, Dragon’s Blood Imperial Irish Red, Rise Up Marzen Lager, & Druidic Moon Smoked Maple Stout were all great! Usually you will find more than four beers on tap, and even Kris said he was disappointing in his smaller selection the night I was in. This can only mean one thing; his beers are in high demand! Only open 7 months and already having to upgrade the size of his brewing system. Three Bridge Brewing Co. is quickly making their mark on the U.P. craft beer scene.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to Stephenson, MI before? Until I stopped at Superior State Brewing my hand would have stayed down. A great fact about the beers made here is there isn’t an ingredient that doesn’t come from U.P. soil. Many are grown by the owner Andy on the family farm. What he doesn’t produce he gets from other local farmers. If you don’t make it to Stephenson, you’ll have a hard time ever sampling Superior State’s beer. Andy really does this as a hobby and to fill the growlers of all the locals. Located in an old hardware store, each beer is brewed and served on site.


51st State Brewing Co. maybe my favorite brewery name along this trip. Because again, that’s what the Upper Peninsula feels like to me. Located in Kingsford, MI it’s one of the state’s newest breweries. Family owned and operated. Mom Victoria may take your beer order, and son Ben may serve it to you. This is what actually happened to me. All the while Jeff the husband and brew master is overlooking the operation.  The family of five make great beer and one hell-of-a pizza! Their wood fired stove cooks the pizzas to perfection. The 12” is supposed to serve 2-3 people. Ha!!! This one was all mine. Washed down with an easy drinking 3 Vagabonds Lager, My Neighbors Wife IPA, & Primordial - Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale. This stop was one of the highlights on my trip!


With a belly full of amazing pizza and beer, we’re on to Alpha, MI. The smallest village in America with a brewery! Here you’ll find… you guessed it Alpha Michigan Brewing Co. 35 miles northwest from Kingsford. These breweries made for great back to back stops. I walked into Alpha while they were having a pig roast supporting the local 4H. The Krystal Koelsch, Blood Orange Saison, Porter School Porter, & Bear cave IPA were a great way to end my night. There’s a very strong community feel here. Everyone knew everyone and made this Troll feel right at home.  

Leaving Alpha and heading west, is one of my favorite drives thru the U.P. 100 miles of open road with plenty of possible stops before your next beer. So many options to choose from. You want waterfalls? Bond Falls, Agate Falls, or Gabbro Falls are some of my favorite. Maybe fishing is your thing? Lake Gogebic offers some of the best inland fishing on the west side of the U.P. You won’t catch Perch like these in many other places! No matter where you decide to stop on this leg of your tour, the next beer destination is Ironwood, MI.

How does that Bob Seger song go? “6 hours outta Mackinaw City, stopped in a brewery to have a beer.” Something like that. You are now in the home of Michigan’s most western brewery. Cold Iron Brewing. Not many know but if you were to “look south” you’re further west than the most eastern edge of Iowa. This amazing state we live in is F’ING HUGE! You can choose between the Black River Dark Ale, Drift North IPA, or the Drift South Jalapeno Pale Ale. No matter which brew you order of theirs, you’ll not be disappointed. Hang out for a while, play some games, but make sure to grab a growler fill to go (maybe two)? We’re about to have a ton of fun playing outside in god’s country!

Is there snow on the ground? You’re in the western U.P. so there’s a good chance of that. Some of the best downhill skiing in Michigan is nearby. Bigpowder, Blackjack, Indianhead… any will suffice but why not all three?

Are you scared of heights? Looking for something you won’t find anywhere else “in the world”?!? Copper Peak is an absolute must stop. Going to the top of the largest artificial ski jump can be a bit frightening. At 1782 feet above sea level, on a clear day it allows you 360-degree view 40 miles in any direction.

This is where I recommend having a few nights to stay and play. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. Bring your bikes, kayaks, hiking poles, and tent! Without a doubt my favorite spot in the entire state. Bonus, you have 2 growler fills to enjoy around the campfire. Whether you’re in the mood for a day hike, get a few miles in on the bike trails, or kayak the shores of Superior you can’t go wrong. The park has my two favorite spots to either view a Michigan sunrise or watch it being swallowed by Lake Superior. The mouth of Presque Isle River offers the amazing sunset. Grab a seat on the beach and relax. Just as good if not better is waking up while the stars are still glowing to watch the sun rise again. This time over The Lake of The Clouds. I can promise you won’t be the only one up this early. Last time I did there were at least 40 others with cameras in hand perched on top of the overlook. These are another must! The Porkies offer you ANYTHING you want to do outside in Michigan in any season. 


It’s always a sad day driving away from here, but you can smile. There’s a special stop ahead of you. Before I take you into the Keweenaw Peninsula, there’s an old church you have a visit. In Greenland, MI you will find some of the best meads in the state. Algomah Acres Honey House Meadery is a short 30-minute drive east of Silver City. This was an unplanned stop while on my last trip. I sampled a few meads here but fell in love and left with a bottle of the Elderberry mead. So damn good!


You were just 1782 feet above sea level, feel like going underground? Adventure Mine is less than a mile away. This is also something I did the same day, and highly recommend throwing on the hard hat and heading in. They offer many different tours, ranging in time, detail, and price. The temperature inside is 48 degrees year-round. No matter what the temp. is outside. Make sure to grab your jacket. Imagine being in a mine so dark that without your headlamp on or the light of a candle, your friend standing next to you disappears. It’s a cool demonstration they’ll show you to see what the miners working conditions were like many moons ago. Find out why it’s called Copper Country.

Onward and upward north we go into the Keweenaw Peninsula. There are four breweries ahead of us while here, with one being a top 10 destination for me. Before you get there start off in Houghton. Keweenaw Brewing Company. This is not just a college town, it’s also a beer town. KBC is one of the top production breweries in the state. I’m positive you’ve seen Widow Maker Black Ale, Pick Axe Blonde Ale, and Red Jacket Amber Ale on store shelves throughout the state. There are many others on tap.

Until earlier this year there was another brewery in town. The Library Restaurant & Brew Pub has closed, but did enjoy the beers and burger I had here. Rumor is new ownership is moving in. They’re going to rebrand, rename, and reopen under Copper Country Brewing Co. If you google the name you also see this was a brewery located in Hancock from 1952-1954. No specific info yet on Copper Country, as I haven’t been able to contact anyone. If you’re in the area make sure to look them up.


A little further north, in the town of Calumet is where you’ll find Michigan House Cafe & Red Jacket Brewery Co. Here they only brew 4 in house beers. Unfortunately, when I was in they were out of all but one. Which was perfectly fine. I quickly realized this stop was more about the food and atmosphere. I highly recommend going hungry, the menu is outstanding. I chose the 8oz Black & Blue burger with a lovely side of fries. Blackened and topped with blue cheese. Made the lack of house beers well worth the stop. Keweenaw Cowboy IPA was the one brewed beer available.


The Michigan House Cafe which was opened by the Bosch Brewing Company in 1905, feels like you’re walking into another time machine. Cozy and quaint are two of my favorite adjectives, and that’s how it felt sitting at the bar. Like the Delta in Escanaba, it started as a hotel way back in the day. The second and third floor rooms were converted to apartments over the years. Though there are still three rooms that can be rented out for lodging. If you plan of visiting the Keweenaw Peninsula (and you should), it would be a great central location to stay and explore. I can’t emphasize how fucking amazing this building is. Calumet is a great place to visit. Tons and tons of history. There’s actually a state myth that Calumet was considered as the second location for the state capitol after Detroit. Also, one of the snowiest places in Michigan. 304” last year. Allow me to do the math for you. That’s 25 feet of snow. Talk about a sore back!!!

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, Calumet Brewery Ruins are a short 3-mile drive from Red Jacket. Opened in 1897, this brewery made many different beverages with water supplied from a local creek properly named Brewery Creek. Today there’s not much left of the building. You can park on the shoulder of Tamarack Waterworks Road, step thru a few feet of brush and stand inside 4 walls that once housed another U.P. brewery.

This is one of the most exciting parts of the tour, you’re headed to Copper Harbor! On the way up I highly suggest getting off 41 and taking 26 along the Superior shoreline. There are a few reasons why. First, another waterfall. Eagle River Falls is one of the most popular roadside stops in the U.P. And the bridge, you won’t see another like it! This is also where you’ll find Fitzgerald’s Restaurant. No beers brewed here but the tap and bottle list are quite outstanding. Along with a mouthwatering menu, you’ll most likely need to call ahead for reservations. Although it’s a hidden treasure, locals and those who’ve been before never miss a chance to stop by. Plan an evening visit cause it’s another place to watch an amazing sunset!

You’re only 25 miles away from the next brewery but there’s one more must stop before Copper Harbor. The Jampot!!! It’s time to get your Thimbleberry Jam on, along with many other preserves. Opened in 1986, this bakery is affiliated with a monastery and operated by the monks that live there. Selling some of the best road side treats in Michigan. Muffins half the size of my head. Not kidding! With your belly full of baked goods make sure you walk the 250 feet to Jacob’s Falls.


Copper Harbor here we come. 1990 miles from Miami, FL. Trust me, the sign says so. Home of Brickside Brewery, where there are usually 8 beers on tap with others bottled to take home. Stone Ship Stout, Uphill Both Ways IPA, Brickside Bete Gris Wheat Beer, and Walter’s Weizen are some of the favorites. Never once a bad pour. It’s always a tough choice when I drive into town. Play first or belly up to the bar? And when I say play, get ready for some fun. From the extreme to the most leisurely. One of my favorite destinations for sure. 

Copper Harbor definitely has Michigan’s best, and some of the best mt. biking trails in the entire country. Folks from all over Michigan and the U.S. migrate here every year to experience this phenomenal trail system. Over 35 miles of prime single-track riding. One great note about these trails, many of them drop you off right at or near the brewery. BONUS! Trail riding isn’t your thing? That’s fine, pedaling up the paved Brockway Mt. Drive is quite the ass kicker. The best part of the grind up… the coasting down!

Speaking of Brockway Mt., you can drive up and down each side to get one of the best scenic over looks. Several viewpoints along the road allows for panoramas of Copper Harbor & Lake Superior. The top is where it’s at! On a clear day, Isle Royale is visible which is roughly 50 miles away. By the way, you’re just a 3-hour ferry ride away from the least visited United States National Park.

Along with the trails, paddling the shores of Lake Superior is a favorite here. You can go at it alone or check out Keweenaw Adventure Company for your outdoor needs. By sea or by land they have all the help you’ll need to make your Copper Harbor stay well worth it. Both kayak and bike guided tours are offered. Lots of local camping and lodging are available.

Unfortunately, it’s time to head south. Down M41, which will take you all the way into Ishpeming. Home for two U.P. breweries. After the 135-mile drive Cognition Brewing Co. is the next stop for beer. Really liked both the Scene of the Climb Stout, and Gnome Wrecker Belgian Style Pale Ale. Sipping on beers here gave me a feeling of sitting in someone’s basement bar. Which I loved! Dim lighting and cozy booths, along with yummy brews made for a great time.

Stopping in Ishpeming offers another great opportunity to break out your mt. bike. The R.A.M.B.A., “Range Area Mountain Bike Association” is a member supported, nonprofit, volunteer organization. They host many biking events throughout the year on hand-built trails. Fitness and beers! Can’t think of a better combination.

If you’re in the mood for a museum tour, Ishpeming is home to the United States National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame. Over 100 years ago, this is where skiing enthusiasts organized the National Skiing Association. Earning Ishpeming the distinction of being the birthplace of organized skiing in the United States.

Before we head out to Marquette, there’s a third stop in town. Jasper Ridge Brewery. Go hungry, I did! I was in the mood for some comfort food and found it here. Their Shepherd’s Pie was absolutely delicious, but almost too much for me to finish. ALMOST! Lucky for me their hand-crafted beers help wash the food down my gullet. The Slugworth Chocolate Stout, & Attack Penguin IPA did the trick.

After your beers and meal are finished it’s a short drive into Marquette. This town holds a special place in my heart outside of the amazing beer offerings. It’s where I met my ex-wife. Spending some of my formative years here. I was stationed at K.I. Sawyer Air force Base from 92-95. Which is still a great place to visit if you’re in the mood for a little bit of military history. It’s a quick 30-minute drive south of downtown. Enough about my past, let’s get back to the beer.

In 2018, the fourth brewery opened in Marquette, Barrel + Beam. This is where you’ll find Michigan’s best bottle-conditioned farmhouse & barrel-aged ales. Most beers you drink are not bottle conditioned. They are carbonated through a process called forced carbonation. Basically, CO2 is pumped into a sealed container. The term “bottle-conditioned” means, after the initial fermentation the beer is bottled flat and fresh yeast or priming solution made of Michigan beet sugar are added to the beer. This allows for the beer to ferment again. The benefit is all the oxygen that trapped in the bottle gets consumed by the yeast creating a very shelf stable beer. This is where the carbonation happens. If you ever wanted to age a particular beer this is the style for you.

Sorry for geeking out. Words can describe how much I LOVE the beer here. Last time in Marquette I stayed for three nights. Finding myself each day back at Barrel + Beam. The only reason I didn’t make it four days is they were closed on Sunday. In that time, I literally tried every beer they had available. In no particular order; Golden Partager Sour Ale, Pivot Point Biere De Garde, Viticoulture No. 1 Sour Ale, Blanc Du Nord Saison, Sour Start Farmhouse Ale, Michigander Biere De Garde, and their Sahti. Each one better than the last.

B+B chose a building with a rich history in Marquette. Originally the Northwoods Supper Club. It opened in 1934, before the restaurant closed in 2007. In that time the build aged and fast. Holes in the roof, snow falling onto the floors inside, and home to many pigeons and squirrels. Still with plenty of work ahead for them, B+B has turned a large part of the building into my favorite brewery in the U.P.!

Between beers Marquette offers all sorts of activities. Endless miles of great biking trails. An easy, or difficult (your choice) hike up Sugarloaf Mt. The top will offer some of the best views of Marquette and the surrounding area. There’s water everywhere! So, get that kayak out and explore some of the local rivers and lakes. If it’s a calm day you have another great opportunity to get out on Lake Superior. There are many yellow sand filled beaches for a relaxing day on the water. Finally, a trip by foot, bike, or car around Presque Isle. The island has a walkable trail system thru the interior of the park, with a roadway around the outer edges. Scenic turn outs, picnic areas, and the famous Black Rocks. Summon up your courage and take the leap into the chilly waters of Lake Superior.

Speaking of those rocks, after burning all those calories let’s head to Blackrocks Brewery and add some back. Probably the most well-known brewery from the U.P., Blackrocks never disappoints. From MYKISS IPA to Trenary Toast Lager the list of outstanding beers here never stops. Including Presque Ale Pale Ale, 51k IPA, Barbaric Yawp Scotch Ale, Flying Sailor Red Rye IPA, and Coconut Brown Ale. I’m asked all the time to name some of my favorite Michigan brewed beers. One from Blackrocks is always near the top of my list. GNOMAS Barleywine! I’ve had it at the brewery and was lucky enough to find a few 6 packs across the state. Not a common beer by any means. Upstairs, at the bar, out on the front porch, or sitting around the fire on their patio. Blackrocks is the best hang for beer in Marquette.

Ready for some really, really good food and beer of course? Head to Marquette’s oldest brewery. The Vierling Restaurant and Marquette Harbor Brewery. This building has stood for over 100 years and has been brewing small batch beer since 1995. The Vierling has some of the best food in town including the freshest, most tasty whitefish I’ve had. Their Plank Road Pale Ale paired perfectly with my meal.

Last but not least, the perfectly named Ore Dock Brewing Co. is the final on the list of Marquette breweries. Another building that has been standing for well over 100 years, Ore Dock has a great community feel. In the warmer months you’ll find rotating food trucks out front serving up great tacos, pizza, or burgers. I’ve been here multiple times since they opened in 2012. Having enjoyed each and every time I stopped in! Them brewing great beer always helps. Like the Serrano Saison Spiced/Herb Beer, or Chief Hopper BIIPA, and the Peels Out Pale Ale. This was on cask when I was in, infused with grapefruit. So good!!!

Marquette is such a great destination for many reasons. A fifth brewery is scheduled to open this year.  Marquette Brewing Cooperative or Drifta Brewing, will be one of the first member-owned microbreweries in the state. If you’re in town make sure to look them up.

Good news, bad news part. Bad news, you’re leaving Marquette. Good news, you’re headed to Pictured Rocks! Adding to the delight of seeing one of America’s most stunning shorelines is beer. Munising has East Channel Brewing Co. As you sip on a Final Mile Red Ale or the Widdle Stick Smore Stout there are decisions to made. How are you going to view Pictured Rocks? Jump on the ferry? Take a guided kayak tour, or paddle around on your own? You can also drive to different look outs along 42 miles of shoreline. My favorite is by foot. It can be a day hike or overnight camping. Along the North Country Trail, you have over 100 miles to view waterfalls, beaches, forest wilderness, cultural sites, and the most breathtaking cliff-top views of Lake Superior. Whichever path you choose you’ve made the right choice. Go out and create or own adventure. Just make sure to grab a few 16oz. cans of beer from East Channel Brewing Co. before you do so.

Adding to the amazement you’ll get from seeing Pictured Rocks is another brewery. At the very north-eastern edge of the lakeshore you’ll find Grand Marais. Home to Lake Superior Brewing Co. inside the Dunes Saloon. Another appropriately named brewery! I actually spent New Year’s Eve 2017 here. Yes, there’s fun to be had in the U.P. year-round. A snowmobiler’s paradise. I wasn’t on a sled during this trip, but there were a bunch of people who were. I was just here for the beer and to celebrate the end to another great year! A mix of locals and tourist sipping beer and that night celebrating newlyweds’ nuptials. Sandstone Pale Ale, Big Marsh Porter, and the Dune Saloon IPA all added to one of the best New Year’s celebrations I’ve had!

Whether you make the choice to enjoy your beers at LSBC or ECBC or both, stay and play in and around Pictured Rocks. It’s truly some of the most fun outdoors you can have in Michigan.

Saying goodbye to one of mother naturals most stunning sights is never easy. No need to fret, we’re on our way to another. Where Michigan’s only brewery is located on state owned land. Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub. You’re now in Paradise both literally and figuratively. Let’s be honest, we’re not here for the beer, but it helps! You have 46,000 acres to play on. 1986 was the first time I laid eyes the root beer colored water falls. Since then I’ve returned at least 10 times throughout each of the seasons. Possibly the best spot in Michigan to see the amazing colors of Fall? My personal favorite are the colder months when the trees limbs are snow bent and the falls are still flowing but ice covered. Tahquamenon Falls are one of the U.P.’s main attractions, both upper and lower falls. No matter the season, you will always find an activity to suit your desires. There are five campgrounds inside the park. You can hike all day, maybe rent a boat or kayak to get a better view of the lower falls. Even jump in and splash around the river. Get out and play! Work up an appetite for something off the large food menu. While enjoying a Harvest Wheat Pale Ale, Black Bear Stout, or a Porcupine Pale Ale.

Heading a little bit further east, your next stop is Sault Ste Marie. The first time I was visited The Soo, I was the ripe old age of thirteen. No beers were had on that trip, or at least that’s the story I’m sticking to. There was a ton of site seeing and tourist stops. Obviously the most memorable was watching the larger than life ships passing thru The Soo Locks. Even as a forty-four-year-old, it’s just as amazing to watch.

Sault Saint Marie is home to three breweries. Soo Brewing Co. was the one stop in town that I met the most locals. This was part of the same late December trip thru the U.P., so maybe they were all huddled up inside trying to stay warm. Personally, I think it was the beer. Tannenbaum IPA and 13 IPA were the two I had here. The best part of this stop was meeting and talking with the wonderful folks that live here.

1668 Winery & Lockside Brewery, offers a great mixture of beer, wine, and delicious food. The name comes from the year that Father Jacques Marquette founded Sault Ste. Marie, 1668. I washed down my burger with their Tiramisu Stout and Ojibway IPA. They also have an on-site art gallery to enjoy. Grab whatever beverage you decided to order and peruse.

Lastly, Superior Coast Winery & Brewery is inside of Karl’s Cuisine. Along side of a delicious Honey Whitefish sandwich, I decided to order a flight from here. The four beers included 447 Ghost Pumpkin Stout, Holiday Brown Ale, Bricklayer ESB Extra Special / Strong Bitter, and my favorite Ashmun Creek Blonde Ale.

Unfortunately, your trip is nearing its end. Our last stop in 35 miles directly south of the Soo. Cedarville, MI is where you’ll find Les Cheneaux Distillers. Liquor, beer, and food Oh My! I fell in love with their Dark Side of the Brew Stout and Island Hopper IPA. Distillers doing beer right!


Cedarville is located on the very northern shore of Lake Huron. Which means there’s plenty of opportunity to get that kayak wet one more time. Les Cheneaux (The Channels) are a group of 36 islands. Every August they play hosts to the world’s largest antique wooden boat show. You’re also a short 25-mile drive east to Drummond Island. Add this to the list of another Upper Peninsulas treasure. Camp, bike, hike, kayak, it’s another perfect place to get your fix of the outdoors. 

With roughly 1200 miles on your vehicle, plus more on your bike and kayak, you’ve accomplished one helluva brewery tour! Did you have a favorite brewery? What about a favorite beer? Where are you returning to first? What was your favorite scenic stop? No wrong answers here. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula offers something for everyone. My heart cries each and every time I hear those awful words, “I’ve Never Been To The U.P”. Say what?!?! What the fuck are you waiting for? Go north, explore! We live in a state unlike any other. In my opinion, out of the 50 we have it’s the absolute best!

Having touched on every brewery, I’ve barely scratched the surface on what the Upper Peninsula has to offer. I implore you to go explore. Meet the wonderful people that call the U.P. home!

Go out and create your own adventure. Just make sure you stop for beers along the way!