My Top 10 Michigan Beers

1) Wizard Burial Ground              2) Kentucky Breakfast Stout        3) Black Note                               4) No Rules                                   5) Big Doedish                                6) Boxer                                        7) BBA Sweet Potato Souffle' Rye  8) Gnomas                                      9) BBA Flying Buffalo w/ G.L.C.   10) BBA Plead the Fifth


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5606 F-41 Oscoda, Michigan 48750, (989)-739-2231                          

   I wish I could tell you how the beer and food is here. Drove up on the Sunday before July 4th. I'm a big fan of Oscoda and the surrounding area.  Great camping and kayaking. Have spent many weekends there, even received stitches in my foot from a minor wood chopping incident.  I was happy to be back.

  Walked past the patio on my way in. There was a table of four and another of two. Not that busy in my opinion. It was warm and sunny so that's where I wanted to sit. Sign said "please wait to be seated". So after standing for 2-3 minutes without being greeted, I walked out to the patio and sat myself. The wait there only increased. It was 12 minutes before I had to get the attention of the server working outside. "May I see a beer menu?" She seemed surprised to see me sitting there. Even though she'd walked right passed me at least 10 times! They had five beers on tap, four of theirs and one Rochester Mills guest tap. Ordered a flight of all 5 just to make it easy and fast for her. 

   Literally 25 minutes had ticked away from the time I walked in until the time I stood up and walked out. WITHOUT A BEER OR WATER IN FRONT OF ME! Walked by my so called server on the way out and she seemed surprise again when I told her I was leaving. Tried stopping again at the greeters station to ask for a manger. Empty.... Go figure. 

   Good luck to you and your family if you decide to stop here.  I'll cross this one off my list even though no beer was had.

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