My Top 10 Michigan Beers

1) Wizard Burial Ground              2) Kentucky Breakfast Stout        3) Black Note                               4) No Rules                                   5) Big Doedish                                6) Boxer                                        7) BBA Sweet Potato Souffle' Rye  8) Gnomas                                      9) BBA Flying Buffalo w/ G.L.C.   10) BBA Plead the Fifth


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1400 Porter Street, Detroit MI, 48216, (313) 338-8008



   Out of all the breweries in the D, Batch Brewing Co. hands down produces the best beer. Usually 12-15 beers on tap and always rotating. You name a beer style, they have it. Over 230 and counting. 

   Wish I could tell you how many times I've visited, or how many of their beers have filtered thru my liver. I've run out of fingers and toes to count. May I borrow yours? I meant fingers and toes not liver. Unless you have one of those laying around. Then yes, I'll take it.

   Let me run thru a few beers that stand out. DICKSMASHER IN THE RYE  12%, Imperial Stout aged in Catcher's Rye barrels from Two James Spirits. Quite delicious!! Plus when you order it you get to say Dicksmasher. You can now find this beer in bottles.  Not a beer fan but love Corktown? Check out Two James Spirits.

   KELLY R.I.P.A. 9.1%, big rye IPA made with Michigan crystal, saaz and zeus hops from Hophead farms. Love me some Rye! Had this for the first time along with dinner the night of the Soundgarden show last May. Instantly one of my favorites from Batch. RIP CC...

   For all you dessert lovers look for the TRES BON. 9.6%, Blonde stout with sesame, chocolate and brown butter collaboration with Bon Bon Bon chocolatier. Those that know me well know of my ginormous sweet tooth. This brew was a liquid dessert! Also check out Detroit's best chocolate shop. Thank me later...

   ALL THE FIXIN'S, this 10.5% Cranberry Barleywine with cranberries and orange peel was a delite. Picked a bottle of this up before Thanksgiving. No cranberry sauce needed. The beer takes the place. Not like most Barleywines I've had, but a nice change of pace.

   I could go on and on and list all 200 plus but that's boring. Let your taste buds find out for themselves. You get my point though. Batch Brewing makes any and all types of beer. I even left out their Beer Slushie. That's right, frozen beer sipped out of a straw. Picture this... it's a hot, humid August afternoon... Fuck it. Could be a below zero January evening. Get there, throw a dart at the beer menu. You won't be disappointed!

Toliver Pale Ale. 5.6%

Toliver Pale Ale. 5.6%



   The food! As good as the beer???? Possibly. Ok, it is. Nachos = amazing! My favorite with or without meat. Brased Short Rib Pasty. I know pasties and this is like no other. Nothing like I've had in the U.P. For dessert... Toffee Stout Bread Pudding. Completely torturing myself right now. Pretzels, tacos, salads, sandwiches. Honestly folks choose anything from the kitchen. Not your typical brewery menu. Creative and unique.


   At Batch you won't find TV's or videos games. You will find games like Connect Four. Or reach for the bubble and play a game of Trouble. Which I absolutely suck at. Odd considering in 1986, I was the Michigan state "Trouble Champion" ages 10-12. Just can't master that damn bubble anymore.

   It's biergarten seating both inside and out. Great way to meet new and friendly strangers. There's also a long bar to belly up to. Room for standing when it's jam packed. Cause at times it will be.

Doesn't this photo just make you drool? 

Doesn't this photo just make you drool? 

   Everyone's allowed an opinion right? Well in my opinion there's one thing I'd change here. At Batch it's the beer/food line. They don't have servers that come to your table and take your order. You stand in a line to order each. During busier times the line for beer could be 15-20 deep. Not exaggerating. Just recently one of my fellow beer consumers (Timmy D.) and I were a bit thirsty and very hungry. BATCH IT IS!!!! We were already downtown and it sounded amazing. Parked, walked in and damn! Line almost to the door. Waiting we were not. It's not always like that but you may find yourself waiting longer than you want in between pours. All that being said the staff is wonderful once at the bar. Always smiling and full of beer knowledge!

   Last and far from least, Batch Brewing Co. started FEELGOOD TAPS. Basically put, beer bars, breweries, and other craft beer-loving restaurants pick any beer from their menu, raise the price by $1, and let consumers do the giving. At the end of each month, those $1 contributions get passed on throughout the State of Michigan to nonprofits. Since the Feelgood Tap started here they do it a bit differently. $2 goes from each Feelgood Tap beer - $1 from you, and $1 from them.

   So my beer loving followers. You're headed to see the Wings, Tigers, Pistons, Lions, a concert, or the up coming auto show? Make Batch Brewing Co. the stop before or after. Fill up on the best brewery in town, soaked up by one of the items of their menu. Kick your friends ass in a game of Trouble or scream Yahtzee!!!! It's all good in the hood. Corktown that is.

   Check out the link below for info on their upcoming second location.

Others love the NACHOS just as much as me!

Others love the NACHOS just as much as me!

PINTS, 4.25